11 Best Graphic Novel of All Time

The survey says, 40% of people spent their time reading graphic novels in this pandemic. And I know you are also thinking about reading graphic novels. Here I bring you the best graphic novel of all time.

If you see the google trends data then you will observe there are so many people who want to spend their time reading books and graphic novels. Are you that person?

If you are that person then you are in the right place. Here I have collected the different types of graphic novels from online stores.

The comic book topic which I mentioned here is all types of topics such as superhero, thriller, romance, kids, fantasy, mystery, and many more.

If you like the type of book which I mentioned above then you will find the best graphic novels from this list. Hope you like it.

One of the greatest things about graphic novels is you will be less bored, and there is always a kind of excitement and patience there. Nowadays social media platforms like TikTok.

These kinds of social media platforms grab your attention to their platform, and they give pleasure or happiness in a very short time and for a very short term.

So that you have to be aware of yourself, why are you interested in very short term happiness? All happiness is dependent on social media so that we have moved on and started reading books.

Best Graphic Novel of All Time

This is the best time to read a graphic novel so that you stay away from social media and any kind of thing which gives you a high dopamine poison for a moment.

In this list, I have mentioned some of the comic books or graphic novels that I personally read and enjoyed, and furthermore, these novels are awarded for the best graphic novels of all time.

Batman: The Killing Joke Deluxe – Best Superhero Graphic Novels

The Killing Joke is the best superhero graphic novel I have ever seen. If you just look at the cover it almost tells you why you are in for, but then it gives you much more. 

By the way don’t judge a book by its cover…haha

The graphic novel is rich in beautiful imagery. What really matters in this novel is how mature and well the story is.

The comic is open with Batman going to Arkham Asylum to visit with the Joker and talk over their future. When the Joker’s face appears in the comic it is glorious in its size and color and design and really makes a statement.

It’s better that you should read because there are so many best things in this comic. Also this is one of the best graphic novel of all time.

Epic Zero Collection (Series) – Best Superhero Comic

The kid character in this novel wants to be a superhero. His parents are superheroes. His older sister is a superhero. Even, his dog is a superhero. 

But the kid has a problem, which is – he is zero. He is powerless. When his full superhero family is fighting for A crime then the kid named Elliott is stuck muddling through middle school.

Every superpower was once a minor power, That show in this comic series. When the danger strikes and Elliott is Earth’s last hope, he will find a superpower of his own and he becomes an epic hero.

Want to read Elliott’s hilarious journey to fit in with his family. Save the world and have dinner with family. Hope you like this best superhero graphic novel.

The Walking Dead (Series) – Best Horror Comic of All Time

If you have seen this show even though you must have read this graphic novel. Whatever story the comic has, but the show has something different in-store.

The TV shows inspired people to read this comic book. This series is a New York Times bestseller that collected a massive paperback collection. 

This series has also made a game if you want to play then Click here.

Or If you are a comic fan then you must read this comic if you love horror and adventure type of graphic novels.

Strange Planet (Series) – Best Funny Graphic Novel of All Time

This comic looks very childish but every person, whatever age they are, can read this comic book. Someone says that a funny comic is the best type of comic where you can start your comic journey.

If parents read this blog to buy a new comic book for their kids, then this is a very kid-friendly comic. Where four sections are mentioned here – Young Being, Friendship, Adulthood, and Recreation.

It has a very hilarious picture which makes the book very funny. The jokes are taking simple things of life and describe them in ways that aliens might ‘wax-coated picture’ or ‘irregular shaped box’ – hope you got an idea.

If you never read any graphic novel or comic book then this is the best graphic novel of all time where you can start your comic journey.

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The Dark Tower (Series) – The Best Graphic Novels of All Time

Have you watched The Dark Tower Movie? If not then read this graphic novel because this is the best action and fantasy novel I have ever seen. And if you haven’t seen a movie then read this novel because it is better than the movie (lmao).

The quality of the artwork, binding, pages, and all that is really great. I recommend this to you whether you are a fan of Stephen King or not.

You can buy a series set for your son because it’s better to give a comic rather than to give any digital gadgets. 

The Boy, The Horse, The Fox and The Mole – Best Love Affirming Book

This is a beautiful and heartfelt book filled with characters each of us can relate to. The conversation between the characters is the reflection of truths many of us have forgotten.

The questions such as how to be gentle to ourselves and others, how to love without limit, how to walk with the ones we love, etc. These all types of questions bring life.

I recommend this book if you are spending your time with your family this Christmas because relationships are the subject of this book.

DC Comics Encyclopedia – Best Comic for DC Fans

If you are a DC fan then this comic is definitely for you. This is a new edition encyclopedia with the definitive guide to the characters of the DC universe.

The artwork, the presentation are similar to the Marvel encyclopedia so if you have complained about the old encyclopedia then this will satisfy you.

Batman: The Definitive History of the Dark Knight in Comics, Film, and Beyond – The Best Batman Comic Book Ever

Hey, Batman fans! If you know anything about Batman then this will be enough for you to know. I assure you won’t be disappointed.

This is the best comic where you can find the history of batman. Major moments from the comics are covered as well as the various turns in storytelling which makes the book more interesting. 

Sapiens: A Graphic History: The Birth of Humankind – Best Graphic Novel by Yoval Noah Harari

Sapiens is one of the best graphic novels if you want to know about a brief history of humankind

If a parent is reading this then one thing I have to say is this is the best presentation of spreading this idea through comics so your child will get interested in this book and learn the past about humankind.

This book takes a humorous and thought-provoking path through the comic drawn story of humanity

Your kid will love to read this book and this is the book where you can introduce your child to non-fiction books. I recommend a book to a parent for your kid.

Far Side (Series) – Best Humor Comic Book

If you want to give a gift to your wife or husband, daughter or son this Christmas then this is a fantastic gift for your loved ones. 

Far Side cartoons are really great and if you are a cartoon lover in comics then this is definitely for you. It is funny to read the letters that are inserted within the pages of each book.

I recommend this comic for you because hours of side-splitting laughter awaits you if you read this graphic novel. This is the best graphic novel of all time if you like funny comics.

Snug: A Collection of Comics about Dating Your Best Friend – Romance Comics of All Time

If you think to purchase a gift for your valentine then this is one of the best valentine gifts for him or her. Share to your love, this book makes a perfect valentine’s day gift.

You will like this book because the comics are so relatable, funny, relaxing, cute, and fun. Relatable means you will smile by looking at every page.

Your girlfriend or boyfriend really loved this comic and you are starting to come around to them too. Relatable short strips that perfectly capture experiences who go through relationships.

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