10 Best Sushi in Las Vegas

Las Vegas may be better known for steakhouses and buffets, but it also boasts an impressive array of exceptional sushi. From Strip fine dining venues to hidden neighborhood gems, here are the 10 best sushi in Las Vegas for indulging in the freshest sashimi and specialty rolls.

Find out 10 Best Sushi in Las Vegas 2023

1. Sushi Hiroyoshi

For an intimate omakase experience, Sushi Hiroyoshi is regarded as one of the best sushi in Las Vegas. The tiny 10-seat sushi bar offers an exclusive tasting menu crafted with the finest seasonal ingredients.

The omakase selection typically includes appetizers like tuna tataki and salmon skin salad, followed by a parade of nigiri showcasing lean tuna, salmon roe, sweet shrimp, sea urchin, and other pristine fish—options to customize like adding uni or wagyu beef. The rice is prepared to perfection, and the fish melts in your mouth.

The talented Chef Hiro, who has over 25 years of sushi experience, caters his offerings based on the day’s catch and patron’s preferences. With its serene ambiance and impeccable sushi, dining at Sushi Hiroyoshi is a special experience.

Google Map: 

Location: 5900 W Charleston Blvd #10, Las Vegas, NV 89146 

Phone: (702) 823 2110

2. Kaiseki Yuzu

For an artistic multi-course sushi and kaiseki dining experience, Kaiseki Yuzu is regarded as one of the best sushi restaurants in Las Vegas. Tucked away in an unassuming shopping center, this hidden gem transports guests to Japan through sublime sushi and ambiance.

Chef Yuzu’s daily omakase menus showcase his immense talent and artistry by combining Japanese kaiseki course traditions with modern techniques. Examples include lobster miso soup, goma dofu, killer kampachi sashimi, steamed abalone, and decadent wagyu beef. The quality of fish for nigiri and rolls is truly exceptional.

The sleek space decorated with wooden accents fosters an intimate atmosphere perfect for special occasions. Kaiseki Yuzu provides an extraordinary culinary journey through Japan by way of Las Vegas.

Google Map: 

Location: 3900 Spring Mountain Rd #A5, Las Vegas, NV 89102 

Phone: (702) 778 8889

3. Yu-Or-Mi Sushi Bar

For reasonably priced sushi that punches above its weight class, Yu-Or-Mi Sushi Bar is consistently ranked among the best sushi in Las Vegas. Tucked in a nondescript strip mall in Chinatown, this husband-wife-owned spot dishes out high-quality sushi on par with pricier venues.

Portions are generous and well-crafted. The spicy tuna, yellowtail jalapeño, rainbow, and Godzilla rolls all delight. Their sashimi combination plates are a steal. Beyond classic nigiri and rolls, be sure to try their aburi-style seared salmon belly, scallop with truffle oil, and wagyu sushi. Izakaya small plates like gyoza pair nicely.

While the decor is modest, Yu-Or-Mi’s standout sushi makes it a local favorite. Expect a wait during peak hours – a small price for enjoying sushi of this caliber at a bargain.

Google Map: 

Location: 100 E California Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89104 

Phone: (702) 473 5200

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4. Sushi Kame Omakase

For intimate, chef-driven omakase dining, Sushi Kame is consistently voted one of the best sushi restaurants in Las Vegas. The tiny eight-seat sushi bar offers a front-row view of Chef Hiro preparing edible works of art with care and precision.

The omakase experience starts with a light appetizer like salmon belly tataki, followed by a progression of impeccable nigiri showcasing seafood at its peak – from buttery toro to uni bursting with umami. Optional wagyu and caviar upgrades are available. The vibe is tranquil and service polished.

Make reservations in advance for this hidden late-night gem. With its simplistic style solely focused on world-class sushi, Sushi Kame delivers an omakase to remember.

Google Map: 

Location: 3616 W Spring Mountain Rd Ste 103, Las Vegas, NV 89102 

Phone: (702) 771 0122

5. Yui Edomae Sushi

Regarded as one of the best sushi in Las Vegas, Yui Edomae Sushi excels at traditional Edomae-style sushi crafted with precision and care. Their omakase menus allow experience the purest expressions of premium seafood.

From the crunchy marinated Bluefin tuna belly to decadent cuts of toro and uni, the nigiri sushi melts on the tongue. Creative signature rolls like Mr. Pink with scallops, tuna, and truffle oil astound in flavor. The minimalist space decorated with bamboo complements the focused omakase meals.

With the top-notch skill of its sushi chefs on display, Yui Edomae Sushi in the southwest valley is a destination for serious sushi aficionados. The quality of fish and presentation is on par with Vegas’ best sushi venues.

Google Map: 

Location: 3460 Arville St HS, Las Vegas, NV 89102 

Phone: (702) 202 2408

6. Kabuto Edomae Sushi

For a more casual yet no less impressive sushi experience, Kabuto Edomae Sushi shines as one of the best sushi restaurants in Las Vegas. This arts district hotspot crafts high-end traditional edomae-style sushi in a lively setting.

Beyond expertly prepared nigiri and sashimi, Kabuto excels at specialty rolls like the Kabuto – a tower of tuna, Yellowtail, avocado, crab, and four sauces. Their sushi and sashimi combination plates provide excellent value. Bento boxes, ramen, and skewered meats round out the menu.

The modern industrial space contains a bar, patio, and counter seating overlooking the open kitchen. The friendly vibe matches the fantastic sushi. For an edomae sushi experience without the high price tag, Kabuto hits the spot.

Google Map: 

Location: 5040 W Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89146 

Phone: (725) 205 1356

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7. Sushi Kaya

For an affordable neighborhood sushi spot punching above its weight, family-owned Sushi Kaya ranks among the best sushi in Las Vegas. Tucked away in a Spring Valley strip mall, this humble restaurant crafts creative rolls and nigiri that rival the Strip’s pricier venues.

Their signature Sushi Kaya Roll piled with lobster, avocado, crab, and eight sauces dazzles with flavor. Daily special rolls showcase variety and imagination. Appetizers like age dashi tofu and seaweed salad hit the spot. And their lunch deals are a steal.

While the setting may be modest, the impeccably fresh sushi speaks for itself. For budget-friendly sushi on par with the city’s finest, Sushi Kaya excels.

Google Map: 

Location: 4355 Spring Mountain Rd #101b, Las Vegas, NV 89103 

Phone: (702) 257 9496

8. Wakuda

Inside Caesars Palace, Wakuda provides an opulent sushi experience from world-renowned three Michelin-star Chef Tetsuya Wakuda. With its fine dining pedigree, Wakuda is consistently ranked among the best sushi restaurants in Las Vegas.

Expertly crafted nigiri, fine Bluefin tuna belly, sea urchin from Hokkaido, premium wagyu, and decadent caviar top the menu. The omakase courses allow experiencing the mastery of Wakuda’s sushi. The sleek, modern dining room provides upscale Vegas energy and top-notch hospitality.

For refined edomae sushi in an ambiance fitting Caesars Palace, Wakuda is a destination worth the splurge for special occasions. The level of fish sourcing, presentation, and sheer talent maintains Wakuda’s status as one of America’s premier sushi experiences.

Google Map: 

Location: 3325 S Las Vegas Blvd #1790, Las Vegas, NV 89109 

Phone: (702) 665 8592

9. Nobu Restaurant

Located at Caesars Palace, Nobu Restaurant ranks among the best sushi in Las Vegas and worldwide for its signature Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine by acclaimed Chef Nobu Matsuhisa. While not exclusively sushi, Nobu’s legendary menu features gorgeous sushi alongside globally inspired dishes.

Highlights include yellowtail jalapeño sashimi with yuzu, lobster shiitake salad, miso black cod, and tempura rock shrimp. Make sure to try Nobu’s legendary Toro Tartare. The sushi selection demonstrates immense skill and creativity.

The Japanese-inspired interior provides a luxe setting for this culinary experience. With its A-List status and legendary fare, Nobu remains an iconic fine dining destination for sushi in Las Vegas.

Google Map: 

Location: 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 

Phone: (702) 785 6628

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10. Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant & Lounge

Situated in the hip luxury resort Bellagio, Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant & Lounge provides a contemporary Japanese dining experience with an extensive sushi menu. Yellowtail ranks among the best sushi restaurants in Las Vegas for its creativity and indulgence.

Beyond classic nigiri and sashimi, Yellowtail excels at specialty rolls like Hawaiian Sunset and Skull Island – overloaded with lobster, caviar, and more. Their Japanese A5 wagyu beef nigiri and carpaccios satiate. Yellowtail also impresses with its sake program, cocktails, and robata offerings.

The modern lounge atmosphere encourages sampling and sharing. For an upscale sushi experience in the heart of Bellagio, Yellowtail hits the spot for top-notch innovative rolls in sleek digs.

Google Map: 

Location: 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 

Phone: (70) 730 3900

Wrapping Up

Las Vegas hosts an outstanding and underrated array of top-tier sushi restaurants. From intimate omakase venues to lively Strip hotspots, you’ll discover gloriously fresh seafood crafted into edible works of art. Whether craving traditional nigiri and sashimi or creative specialty rolls, these 10 sushi restaurants each shine in sourcing, preparation, and presentation.

Next time you’re exploring Sin City, skip the steakhouse and indulge in the raw bar and rolls at one of the best sushi in Las Vegas. Tell them what your favorite kind of sushi is, and let the talented chefs work their magic! 

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