10 Best Things To Do in Carlsbad, California

Known for its beautiful beaches, flower fields, and proximity to Legoland, the seaside city of Carlsbad in North San Diego County offers visitors plenty of fun attractions. From outdoor adventures along the Pacific coastline to indulging in strawberries, appreciating local art, and visiting unique parks and nature areas, Carlsbad packs in excitement beyond theme parks. First, I listed the best things to do in Carlsbad, highlighted below.

1. The Flower Fields
2. Carlsbad Strawberry Company
3. Carlsbad Beach Boardwalk & Seawall4. Legoland & Sea Life Aquarium
5. Carlsbad’s New Village Alley Art Wall
6. Carlsbad Premium Outlets
7. South Carlsbad State Beach
8. Batiquitos Lagoon
9. Handled Pottery Studio
10. The Scenic Overlook of Carlsbad Village

10 Best and Most Fun Things To Do in Carlsbad

1. The Flower Fields

The Flower Fields
Image Source: The Blonde Abroad

One of the most iconic attractions in Carlsbad is The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch, featuring brilliantly colored ranunculus flowers blossoming each spring against a backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. This floral wonderland is considered among the top things to do in Carlsbad.

Sprawling over 55 acres, visitors can walk through vibrant flower beds in stunning patterns and designs. The Giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers bloom in vivid red, yellow, orange, and pink hues, creating a rainbow landscape with the blue ocean in the distance.

Beyond the flower gardens, attractions include a historical sweet pea maze, rose gardens, Cymbidium orchid greenhouse, arts and crafts shows, and special events like yoga in the flowers. The ideal weather in spring makes this a delight for photographers and flower lovers. Don’t miss this incredible bloom bursting with color and life!


2. Carlsbad Strawberry Company

Carlsbad Strawberry Company

For deliciously fresh strawberries straight from the fields, visiting Carlsbad Strawberry Company ranks one of the sweetest things to do in Carlsbad. Using sustainable practices, this family-run farm grows over 40 acres of flavorful strawberries along the Pacific Coast.

You can pick your ripe ruby-red strawberries right off the vines. Their varieties ripen from early spring into summer, with Chandler strawberries hitting their peak in May. Enjoy a strawberry ice cream cone, freshly baked pie, or chocolate-dipped berries. The friendly staff will let you sample different strawberry types to discover your favorite.

Free strawberry picking for kids, tractor-pulled wagon rides, picnic tables, and nearby beaches make for a wholesome family outing. Savor the juicy premium strawberries at their best!

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3. Carlsbad Beach Boardwalk & Seawall

Carlsbad Beach Boardwalk & Seawall
Image Source: San Diego Beach Secrets

For oceanfront views, refreshing ocean breezes, and romantic sunsets, the scenic Carlsbad Beach Boardwalk is considered one of the top things to do in Carlsbad. This paved waterfront trail runs along Carlsbad Boulevard, hugging the sand and surf.

You can walk, jog, or bike along the boardwalk portion from Oak Avenue to Carlsbad Village Drive. Further south is the concrete seawall stretching down to Encina Power Station. Trailside benches allow sitting and gazing out over the water, waves crashing, and surfers riding offshore.

Interpretive plaques describe the natural landscape and wildlife, from the adjacent 75-acre Agua Hedionda Lagoon to native coastal plants. Pelicans, cormorants, and egrets are frequently spotted. Vendors sell snacks and drinks near Tamarack Beach. Enjoy this picturesque stretch of the Pacific any time of day!

4. Legoland & Sea Life Aquarium

Legoland & Sea Life Aquarium
Image Source:

The world-famous Legoland California Resort undoubtedly ranks among the most entertaining things to do in Carlsbad, especially for families. For kids ages 12 and under, the theme park contains over 60 rides, shows, and attractions centered around those iconic little building blocks.

Must-see highlights include Miniland USA displaying amazing recreations of cities, monuments, and scenes made entirely from millions of LEGO bricks. Let kids run loose in Kid Power Tower, Lost Kingdom Adventure, Fairy Tale Brook, and other play zones tailored for their age. Grownups will love SEA LIFE Aquarium’s jellyfish, sharks, and colorful fish.

With on-site hotels, a water park, and a new Lego Movie World, this imaginative resort promises nonstop family fun with on-brand interactive experiences.

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5. Carlsbad’s New Village Alley Art Wall

Carlsbad’s New Village Alley Art Wall
Image Source: The Coast News

As one of the trendiest new Instagram hotspots, Carlsbad’s reconstructed New Village Alley Art Wall is now considered one of Carlsbad’s top things to do. The once run-down alley has been transformed by vibrant murals with wings painted by artist Nikkolos event showing Carlsbad’s strawberry heritage.

The bright technicolor wings make for a fun photo op. New paintings are frequently added to refresh the look. On Friday evenings, the alley hosts a family-friendly block party with live music, a beer and wine garden, food trucks, crafts, lawn games, and even doggie play areas – creating a lively community space.

Beyond photos, the Art Wall is an excellent peek into Carlsbad’s arts and culture revival with a small-town feel.

6. Carlsbad Premium Outlets

Carlsbad Premium Outlets
Image Source: Premium Outlets

For discounted designer brands, the massive Carlsbad Premium Outlets is one of the best things to do in Carlsbad for shoppers. This vast open-air outlet mall just off I-5 contains 90 name-brand factory stores.

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Browse savings on apparel, shoes, accessories, housewares, and more from coveted labels like Nike, Adidas, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Coach, and Calvin Klein. Hollywood fans will love the Disney Character 

Warehouse. Take a break at eateries like Nordstrom Cafe and Red Robin.

With over 200 retail, dining, and entertainment options just 30 minutes from downtown San Diego, it’s easy to spend a whole day getting fashionable finds at a fraction of regular prices.

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7. South Carlsbad State Beach

South Carlsbad State Beach

Offering a beautiful stretch of coastline, South Carlsbad State Beach ranks as one of the most scenic things to do in Carlsbad. The 100-acre park features a mile-long beach for swimming, surfing, fishing, and beachcombing with lovely views.

Relax on the sand, go for a dip in the ocean, or explore the rocky tide pools filled with marine life at low tide. The park contains picnic tables, grills, restrooms, and a playground for kids. Nature trails lead over coastal headlands to scenic bluffs.

Leashed dogs are allowed in some regions of the beach. The sunsets here are incredibly stunning. Enjoy a laidback California beach day!

8. Batiquitos Lagoon

Batiquitos Lagoon
Image Source: Hiking Guy

For nature, hiking, and stunning scenery, visiting Batiquitos Lagoon is considered one of the top things to do in Carlsbad. Operated by California State Parks, this 600-acre coastal wetland habitat encompasses beaches, mudflats, marshes, and riparian areas.

The easy trail allows for spotting native birds like egrets and herons, shorebirds, and maybe even ospreys or falcons. One path leads to Batiquitos Bluffs, with panoramic ocean views. Please stop by the Nature Center to learn about protecting the lagoon and its ecosystem.

With diverse plant life and a peaceful environment, Batiquitos Lagoon is a serene escape perfect for walks, picnicking, birding, and fishing.

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9. Handled Pottery Studio

Handled Pottery Studio

For a fun glimpse into Carlsbad’s artistic side, a hands-on pottery workshop at Handle Pottery Studio ranks among the neatest things to do in Carlsbad. At this working pottery, you choose a piece of pottery in their signature Southern California style and then customize it with your hand-painted design.

Browse shelves lined with unfinished bisque pottery like mugs, plates, bowls, trays, piggy banks, and more. Pick your shape and size, then move to the significant work tables to paint your pottery. Their artists help guide you through painting techniques.

After your custom piece is complete, it will be glazed and fired so you can take home your hand-painted pottery. It makes a great casual painting session for all ages.

10. The Scenic Overlook of Carlsbad Village

The Scenic Overlook of Carlsbad Village
Image Source: San Diego Real Estate Hunter

For sweeping panoramas over quaint Carlsbad Village and the Pacific, the scenic overlook atop the Veterans Memorial at Pine Avenue Park is considered one of the best things to do in Carlsbad.

Climb the pinnacle for unforgettable sunset views of the shoreline, Flower Fields, Legoland, and beyond. Interpretive plaques also explain the unique topography and wildlife habitats visible from this vantage point.

Pack a picnic, bring your camera, and don’t miss sunset when vibrant hues light up the sky, ocean, and landscape. The views from this unique hilltop perch showcase the natural beauty that makes Carlsbad so unique.

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Wrapping Up

From world-famous theme parks to secluded nature trails and breathtaking ocean vistas, Carlsbad offers memorable activities for all interests. Outdoor lovers will relish the hiking, biking, and beaches along the coastline. Families can immerse themselves in nonstop fun at Legoland. Culture aficionados will appreciate Carlsbad’s blossoming arts, dining, and nightlife scene.

With flower blooms, strawberry treats, unique shops, wetland wildlife, and striking natural scenery, Carlsbad makes for a unique Southern California escape. Hopefully, this guide helps you discover the top ten best and most fun things to do in this seaside city so you can plan an unforgettable Carlsbad getaway. Let me know in the comments if you have any other favorite Carlsbad attractions or activities!

FAQs on Things to Do in Carlsbad

What is the best time of year to visit Carlsbad?

The best time is spring and early summer, between March and June, when the weather is pleasant, and attractions like The Flower Fields bloom. September to November also brings nice weather and fewer crowds.

Does Legoland have an age limit?

Legoland is designed for ages 2-12. However, kids of any age are welcome along with parents. Separate adult admission tickets are available.

Where can we see the ocean in Carlsbad?

The best ocean views and access are along Carlsbad Beach Boardwalk, South Carlsbad State Beach, and Batiquitos Lagoon, which offer scenic shorelines.

Is there public transportation in Carlsbad?

Carlsbad has limited public transport. The North County Transit District Breeze Bus Route 309 runs through Carlsbad with stops near some attractions. Having a rental car is recommended.

Is Carlsbad safe for tourists?

Yes, Carlsbad is very safe. It has low crime rates and is family-friendly. Standard safety precautions for travel still apply. Avoid poorly lit areas at night.

Do we need reservations for The Flower Fields?

No reservations are required. Tickets can be purchased on arrival. Weekdays tend to be less crowded than weekends.

Are there scenic overlooks in Carlsbad?

Yes, the scenic overlook at Pine Avenue Park offers panoramic views over Carlsbad Village, the ocean, Flower Fields, and the Legoland area. It’s ideal for sunsets.

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