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Are you searching for books by Bill Gates? But couldn’t find it? But I am here with you to help you so I bring the Bill Gates books list.

Bill Gates is one of the richest men in the world. So he knows something amazing that normal people don’t.

Business and talent helped him so much to create a large company, So here I have also included the Best Business Books All Time written by Bill Gates.

So now Bill Gates wrote some of the books through his experience and understanding of the world.

People only know that Bill Gates is a good reader but they don’t know that bill has written some of the books.


Some of the people try to search for books by Bill Gates but they can’t find them so here I bring you Bill Gates Books List.

Start to Explore Bill Gates Books List

He wrote some of the books as an individual and other books as in a team so there are a total of 7 books by Bill Gates.

Hit Refresh – Best in Bill Gates Books List

In this book, Satya Nadella describes his personal life, his duties in Microsoft, values, culture, and the vision he is building at Microsoft. 

Where he feels technology is empowering humanity. Nadella’s success story is more interesting, meaningful, and amazing in Microsoft’s history.

Microsoft has changed, they made big bets such as buying LinkedIn for $26.2 billion and Github for $7.5 billion.

Culture is extremely difficult to change in large companies. You couldn’t imagine that the reason behind the cultural change is Satya Nadella.

Microsoft only works for the operating system before. But nowadays they are in every tech field such as AI, cloud computing, gaming, and lots of other things.

Could you imagine that Micorosft will provide you a Visual Studio Code for free? VS Code is open source so that you can see the code of that software.

The book began with Bill Gates where he recognized the industry has moved past a PC and Windows-centric world.

The credits go to Satya Nadella for his ability to transform Microsoft into a new world. Artificial Intelligence will reinvent education, medicine, and also personal productivity

Satya believes work should have deep meaning, that Microsoft needed to be compassionate with each other, to employees, customers, and partners.

Nadella wants a passion from Microsoft Employees. Because when you have a personal passion for anything, you can build empathy into the products.

After the brief intro about Microsoft, Nadella talks about his childhood, school, growing up, family moving to the US.

Working for Sun Microsystem, then Microsoft, having family, and his cute and raising son Zain, the leadership lessons that take with him through career.

His vision in cloud computing and artificial intelligence is taking the company growing tremendously. 

Nadella ended the books talking about the work they are doing in Artificial Intelligence, quantum computing, and mixed reality

If you want leadership and vision like Satya Nadella then this book will help you. Because when a company goes into downfall then Nadella’s lesson is helpful for you.

Hope you like the review of this book by Satya Nadella. Everyone should read this book to lead and achieve something in life.

How to Avoid a Climate Disaster – Best Books on Climate Change (Not Released)

Bill Gates has spent 10 years investigating the reasons for and effects of climate change

He helped the experts in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, political science, engineering, and finance.

The focus of this book on what should be done to stop the environmental disaster.

The book does not only explain why we need to work towards greenhouse gases, but there are also details that we need to do to achieve this supreme goal.

He gives us clear details of what are the challenges we face. He describes the areas in which technology is already helping to decrease emissions. 

And he is explaining where and how the current technology can be made to function more effectively and efficiently.

Achieve the goal of zero emissions, he gives a practical plan. Not giving the policies that the government should adopt, but what individuals can do.

This is not simple to do but if we follow the plans that he set out, that’s how we can achieve the goal. This is the best books on climate change.

If you are an environment lover then this book is for you which was written by Bill Gates. Hope you like this review.

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Business @ the Speed of Thought – Best Business Books All Time

As the title says, the book is about the business. Microsoft founder Bill Gates discusses the technology which can run businesses today.

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How it can transform the nature of business in the future with help of the latest technology. He says that the need for managers to see technology as a strategic asset.

He gives examples of some of the largest companies such as Microsoft, Dell, DM, and many other successful companies.

If you want to be interested in business with the latest technology then this book will help you which is written by one of the richest men in the world.

However, this is the best book in Bill Gates Books List and also The Best Business Books All Time. Hope you like to read.

The Road Ahead – Bill Gates Vision for The Future

The book was published in 1995. Bill Gates predicts at that time, how the tech world will change in the next 10 to 15 years.

That means he predicted the future around the year 2005 to 2010, and that all happened. Wow!! That amazing naa! This thing makes it best book in Bill Gates Books List.

You will see how he sees the future by observing current technology. You can also do that and If you want to be a visionary leader then this book for you.

The one thing you do is to observe how Bill Gates thinks, this will lead to learning something from Bill Gates as well as enjoying the book.

Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! – Best in Bill Gates Books List

Did you see any professor who is the all-rounder in too many fields? If you guess right, Mr. Richard Feynmen was that professor. 

He can play the drums, sell his drawing, and go to win a Nobel prize. This is full of tales of his adventures and description of his various interests.

By reading his biography, you will see that Dr. Feynmen has an eagerness to learn many different things.

He was interested in Math, Physics, music, drawing, how ants move, lock picking, and whatnot. You will be surprised how one man can be interested in so many things.

It’s hard to imagine a scientist who is playing music, but Mr. Richard was. He also learned how to draw, because of learning the importance of arts.

You will learn from Feynman that you should learn as much as possible in life because your learnings are never wasted, it will be used in something.

Another best thing about Feynman is how he manages failures, manages relationships, passion for education, and many more things.

If you want to learn how to be an all-rounder in life then this book is for you. Hope you like this review on one of the books of Bill Gates Books List.

Blitzscaling – Best Business Books All Time

One of the legendary investors aka LinkedIn founder and host of the award-winning master of scale podcast reveals the mystery of starting and scaling massively valuable brands.

In this book, the author explains how you can make big companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Airbnb. This type of valuable content makes it Best Business Books All Time.

Why are startups failed? There is some of the reason behind that which is disrupted startups to the big giants. 

How to blow out competitors, how-to business, investing money, take a risk, and many more high-level things.

There are so many case studies of some of the largest companies’ founders and CEOs such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc.

If you think you have a passion to create a massively valuable company then follow this book. This will help you grow rapidly.

Tools and Weapons – A Tech Book by Microsoft President

Technology will doesn’t disappear in the future but it is the largest growing industry in the world. 

But there are some of the promise and peril of the digital age. The latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the best example. 

Author Brad Smith is the president of Microsoft and his colleague wrote this book to invite readers to go with the journey through issues that give business and ethical challenges. 

If you are a non-techy person and still interested to read this book then you can also read this book because storytelling is as easy as possible.

But some people don’t like this book because the book is self-centric, meaning they only talk about Microsoft, not other companies. 

However, they provide a conceptual history, clear insight into the future, and an inside look at government policies and actions that affect us all.

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If you know Bill Gates, he is a businessman and a techy guy. So that his books are also on this topic. 

Hope you like this Bill Gates books list, authored by him. Some of the books are just foreword by Bill Gates but don’t worry.

I know you intend to be successful like Bill Gates. Hope you doin’ well and also expect that you like this post.

If you have any questions then please tell me in the comment section.

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