10 Best Sci Fi Books of All Time

Are you interested in science fiction films? And now searching for the best science fiction book. Here I bring the best sci fi books of all time.

Science fiction is a genre that uses conjectural, fictional science-based depictions of phenomena that are not fully accepted by mainstream science.

If you are tired of watching sci fi movies then this blog is about the best sci fi books. Books are the best way to gain knowledge.

Some of the movies are based on these books. If you ever watched a book-based movie that doesn’t mean you don’t need to read the book.

The book is far better than any movie. Because the book has in-depth storytelling and knowledge. Hope you understand.


The worst thing about any movie is – It is made for entertainment for 2 hours so that users can sit 2 hours consistently to watch any movie.

This reason makes movies so entertaining and also ruins their reality. So that you should really read the origin of the movie to gain knowledge of reality.

Best Sci Fi Books of All Time 

One of the best things about science is you never get bored. You every time think there is a new thing which you have learned from science books.

Now discuss the best science fiction books for all time.

The Martian – Best Space Adventure Book

The Martian tells Mark Watney’s story, an astronaut on the Ares 3 mission to Mars. After a terrible storm, the ship and base are destroyed, and the crew of the ship believes he is dead.

This book is fiction but sometimes it’s like non-fiction. It is very scientific and packed with details about survival on Mars.

Mark is an engineer and botanist, and he begins to grow food and produce water in his camp. There is a lot of humor in the story, and the reader can identify the emotions.

The majority of the plot takes place on Mars and is written in the form of Mark’s journal entries. It’s good not only for space travel fans and scientists but for anyone who wants the best story.

The Alchemist – Best Sci Fi Books of All Time

The story is about a Shepherd from Spain, the name is Santiago. He keeps getting the same dream about treasures that he is lying in the Pyramids

He embarks on the journey to follow his dream after the king who offers him advice and magic stones. 

Santiago crosses the Sahara to find his treasure in Egypt and also gets his personal legend which is his purpose in life.

The book details his journey of experience when following his dream. Throughout the journey, he meets many new people and a lot of difficulties

This entire journey helped him to learn and grow. And the most wonderful and suspenseful question asked to you is does he find the treasures in the Pyramids of Egypt?

Now this time to an opinion on this book. The Alchemist is an awesome book, and the storytelling is wonderful. The choice of words is full of wisdom and philosophy. I totally loved it. 

The book shows that the journey to your destiny is important as destiny itself. I love the way the book emphasizes the importance of hope, faith, and spirituality. 

I think this book appeals to everyone because we all have dreams and sometimes they come true. Overall this is the best science fiction novel you should lookout.

The Handmaid’s Tale – Best Selling Book of All Time

I definitely recommend this book. This is fabulous work of fiction, well written, and with an unforgettable storyline. 

The story of the book is best. This is the best selling book of all time. Overall this book has the best storyline and character that never bored you.

1984 (Signet Classics) – Best Classic Novel

1984 is a novel by George Orwell published in 1949. This follows the life of Smith Winston. Big Brother controls every aspect of people’s lives. 

The political party controls what people speak, say, and read and do with the threat if they disobey, they will be sent to the dreaded room 101 as a punishment.

Orwell effectively explores the themes of government surveillance, mass media control, totalitarianism, and how a dictator can manipulate and control thoughts, lives, and history in such a way that no one can escape it.

Perhaps the frightening, effective and most powerful notion of 1984 is that the complete control of an entire nation under a totalitarian state is perfectly possible. 

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If the world fell under the control of one or even multiple dictators, a cruel world where every movement, the future could easily become twisted.

Orwell’s novel is a warning for the human race. It highlights the importance of resisting oppression and mass control.

Ready Player One – Best Science Fiction Book of All Time

The novel captures the challenges that emerge from ubiquitous and new technology and is an exciting work of science fiction. 

It provides us a peek into the future of current technologies but however is also heavily influenced by our past pop culture. 

While the novel’s context is a dystopian world – for me, it is a challenge to us to hopefully create a better structure for deploying future technologies.

I’m betting that Read Player One will turn out to be one of the best science fiction books at the turn of the century.

It inspired me to see potential opportunities present in VR technology. Current VR startups are already working on amazing apps that can help us imagine what it means to be human.

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Outlander – Best Romance Novel

Outlander has a worthy hero and dozens of truly romantic scenes. I have also read this book and this is one of the best books I have ever read.

It is a joy to read such a cleverly written and too much-researched novel that is rich in every type of detail. It went far beyond my expectations for the new novel.

This is the type of book that is so compelling and engrossing that it makes one want to read straight through without ever putting it down.

Finally, one thing I want to say is if you are new in a love relationship then this is the best book for you. Hope you like it.

Harry Potter – Best Sci Fi Books of All Time

Who doesn’t know about Harry Potter? I think most of the people. The best book describes the journey through a history of magic.

There are so many best characters in the series and one of the best characters I have ever seen. If you have seen the film that doesn’t mean you don’t need to read the book.

Books are the reality where all characters originate. If you have any questions about the movie then you should definitely check out the book series.

Player’s Handbook – Game and Book

Player’s Handbook is an important reference for every Dungeons and Dragons roleplayer. It contains rules for character advancement and creation, skills backgrounds.

It also has combat and exploration, spells, equipment, and much more. Lastly, the game is as fun, challenging, complex, and immersive as you make it.

A Game of Thrones / A Clash of Kings / A Storm of Swords / A Feast of Crows / A Dance with Dragons – Best Affordable Bulk Series

If you want a collection of the best series in the world at an affordable price then this is the best one you have to purchase. 

I think you don’t need to think about these series because you heard the names of series like Game of Thrones, Clash of Kings, and many others mentioned above.

While there is a lot of action and some quite violent. There are also humorous parts and tender moments. Some of the complicated family dynamics make it awesome.

And a good description of the landscape and surroundings. That’s fine, You will love this book more than the show anyways.

There are details in the book that the film just can’t translate in such a way the character is thinking. You will be amazed at the number of characters and how unique they are.

The Origin Mystery – Best Sci Fi Books of All Time 

In Antarctica, researchers discover a mysterious form buried in ice. In a lab, an autism researcher identifies a revolutionary that can change everything. 

But these two incredible discoveries aren’t what they are looking for, they will unravel the deepest secret of human existence. 

The product of years of approach, The Atlantic gene is filled with real science and history that will change how we look at humanity’s future and human origins. 

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The Conclusion

Did you ever read the book mentioned above? If no, then this will make you realize what books are, what books can change your knowledge.

How it is different from original movies. Did you ever imagine what books actually are for? Books are the source of real knowledge where creators put their raw thoughts.

And movies are the raw thought plus the mixture of spices and etc. So that you must have read all of these books for whatever reason you took, whether you watched the film or not.

Okay? Now I will meet you soon. If you want more articles like this then subscribe to our blog by email or turn the notification ON from the 🔒 icon above the page.

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