Top 10 Youtube Channel Names

Do you want to see some great youtube success examples? Here are the Top 10 Youtube Channel Names that will be the inspiration for you.

Google acquired YouTube in 2006 and after that YouTube’s growth is like a booming cause of some great video creators.

There were few creators back then but now there are 50 million creators on YouTube. Some people take YouTube as a career and some people take it as a hobby. 

If you are the one that wants to take YouTube as a Career and want to become the #1 YouTube with the most subscribers or Views.

You have to take inspiration from the Top 10 Youtube Channel Names that have made big brands or personal brands on YouTube.


From cooking shows to live to stream, YouTube has videos on every topic. So below are some facts about YouTube that you must know before becoming a YouTuber.

Fact About YouTube

  • Total monthly active users: 2 billion
  • Total daily active users: 30 million
  • Average mobile viewing session: 40 minutes
  • Number of views watched per day: 1 billion+
  • Mobile youtube views per day: 1 billion+
  • Hours of videos uploaded per minute: 500
  • The 2nd most visited site is youtube.
  • 37% of all internet mobile traffic visits on youtube.
  • 70% of people watch a video recommended by the youtube algorithm.

Top 10 YouTube Channel Names

I have described the youtube channel so that you get information about what the channel does.

10) Vlad and Niki

Vlad and Niki feature two brothers that upload the videos that are mostly playing and engaging in usual children’s activities.

This channel was just created in Apr 2018 and see how much growth these two kids got and getting every day.

Total Subscribers66M+
Channel TypeKids Entertainment
CountryUnited States
Last 30 Days Subscriber Gain1.4M+
Last 30 Days Video Views1.5B+
Total Video Views47B+

9) Zee Music Company

Zee Music Company is an Indian music channel where they upload music videos that are used in Bollywood. It is amongst the largest and producers of Hindi music in the world. 

Total Subscribers72M+
Channel TypeMusic
Last 30 Days Subscriber Gain1.2M+
Last 30 Days Video Views908M+
Total Video Views36B+

8) 5-Minute Crafts

Originally this channel started in 2016 and the #1 channel in DIY and Crafts with the most subscribers.

Along with the craft videos, 5-Minute Crafts also make life hacks videos for every part of your life, along with the content for parents and kids.

Total Subscribers72M+
Channel TypeDIY and Crafts
CountryUnited States
Last 30 Days Subscriber Gain500K+
Last 30 Days Video Views294M+
Total Video Views20B+

7) Like Nastya

If we ignore other channels then this is the most subscribed Russian channel. The channel aimed at kids and its features like Nastya.

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Her parents run the channel, recreating scenes from TV shows and films, singing nursery rhymes and songs, and going on trips.

Total Subscribers73M+
Channel TypeKids Entertainment
CountryUnited States
Last 30 Days Subscriber Gain1.2M+
Last 30 Days Video Views1.5B+
Total Video Views56B+

6) WWE

WWE means World Wrestling Entertainment is the most famous sport or we can say wrestling channel on the list.

It is popular all over the world. It has pulled in tens of millions of subscribers from every corner of the planet.

WWE uploads recaps of the recent matches, sometimes full matches, and plenty of footage from their archives, including classic interviews and fights.

Total Subscribers76M+
Channel TypeWrestling
CountryUnited States
Last 30 Days Subscriber Gain1.2M+
Last 30 Days Video Views1.2B+
Total Video Views57B+

5) Kids Diana Show

Kids channels are hugely famous on YouTube, so here is Kids Diana Show. Diana is a girl name and the content focuses on her life which is constantly filmed.

The channel upload videos such as unboxing, challenges, outside trips, and other activities that kids get up to.

Total Subscribers77M+
Channel TypeKids Entertainment
CountryUnited States
Last 30 Days Subscriber Gain1.3M+
Last 30 Days Video Views1.5B+
Total Video Views55B+

4) SET India

SET’s full form is Sony Entertainment Television, and obviously, it is owned by Sony. And this Hindi language channel is run by the Indian television channel of the same name.

This channel uploads full episodes of TV shows like Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Kapil Sharma Show, and many others like that. 

Also, it uploads the teasers, trailers, and episode clips.

Total Subscribers102M+
Channel TypeEntertainment
Last 30 Days Subscriber Gain2.2M+
Last 30 Days Video Views2.9B+
Total Video Views85B+

3) PewDiePie

PewDiePie is the #1 Individual YouTube creator in the world. His real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg.

This is one of the most famous YouTuber in the world and thanks to several controversies such as rivalry with another channel, T-Series.

He is also one of the highest-paid YouTubers in the world. His main focus on gaming includes live streams and a little bit of vlogging and collaboration with other YouTubers.

And also he has a meme review series. Every youtube user knows him as the #1 creator on youtube.

Total Subscribers109M+
Channel TypeGames
CountryUnited States
Last 30 Days Subscriber Gain
Last 30 Days Video Views157M+
Total Video Views27B+

2) Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes

This is the fourth kid’s channel and the #1 kids youtube channel in the world. This gives you the idea of how many little kids watch YouTube videos.

The platform has so much potential as a youtube creator for kids that is why Google decided to launch another platform named YouTube Kids.

It’s an easy way for parents to keep their kids entertained through the autoplay feature. The channel name suggests its category. 

This is a huge bank of nursery rhymes about a range of subjects and it features CGI characters and cartoonish design that’s why kids love this channel.

Total Subscribers110M+
Channel TypeEducational
CountryUnited States
Last 30 Days Subscriber Gain2M+
Last 30 Days Video Views2.1B+
Total Video Views99B+

1) T-Series

For 1920 days PewDiePie was the most subscribed youtube channel but then came to align with T-Series which is a music production company from India.

PewDiePie is trying to stay ahead of T-Series by doing controversies like Diss Tracks, Charity, and many more like that. You can read here to know more.

The content on this channel is a huge collection of music videos, clips, films, trailers, teasers, mixtapes, and many more. 

Total Subscribers180M+
Channel TypeMusic
Last 30 Days Subscriber Gain3M+
Last 30 Days Video Views3.4B+
Total Video Views151B+

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Here 60% of Youtube channel is a company. But do not get motivated because the individual creator on the #3 place is the inspiration for every new YouTuber.

And you can start your own company as well so that you can grow on youtube. Do you get inspiration from these youtube channels? Tell me in the comments.

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