Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs in India

If you really want to succeed in life then you should get inspiration from these top 10 young entrepreneurs in India.

For some people, innovation runs in their blood. They get winning ideas at a young age and they act upon them.

Age and society can let them achieve their dreams. There are so many examples in India who have to achieve their entrepreneur journey at a very young age.

But here just I am talking about the top 10 young entrepreneurs in India which you should follow to achieve your dreams.

Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs in India

Let’s get to know the top 10 young entrepreneurs of India that show age is just a number if you have a dream and a vision.


1) Tilak Mehta

Tilak Mehta - Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs in India

Tilak Mehta is the youngest entrepreneur on this list. He has started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 13 which makes him the youngest entrepreneur on this list of top 10 young entrepreneurs of India.

His company name is Papers N Parcels and he guarantees single-day delivery of small parcels and papers within Mumbai.

Today he partnering with Dabbawalas of Mumbai and provides over 12000 deliveries per day. 

Today he is the youngest Forbes panelist, Youngest entrepreneur awardee, TEDx speaker, and most importantly the CEO of his own company.

He has completed a 100 crores turnover in 2020. His father words to heart – 

“Each level in the video game gets [more] difficult than the previous one, and what matters is the results you get on the table and not the excuses that you give to the world.”

2) Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran

Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran - Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs in India

These Kumaran two brothers are the youngest app developers in India and both are the youngest owners of a company which makes them in this list of top 10 young entrepreneurs of India.

Both started coding as a hobby. They read a lot of books to solve a problem until they can create good apps.

They had the full support of their father who was director of a software company. The first successful app was “Catch Me Cop” which got into the Apple store.

In 2011, they founded GoDimensions. And launched more than 10 apps which have up to 4.5 ratings and 70k downloads.

This is enough evidence of their success and the two brothers thank their father for this.

3) Farrhad Acidwalla

Farrhad Acidwalla - Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs in India

Farrhad has been showing his entrepreneurial passion since the age of 13. Once, when he returning from school, he decided to create an online community about aero modeling and aviation.

He didn’t know about web development still he used to opportunity to learn it. After he had created a community and sold it to fan many times.

After that whatever money he earned from that he used that money to build his company named Rockstah Media.

After that, he adapts the web development and within one year the company has reached great success all because of his belief.

4) Trishneet Arora

Trishneet Arora - Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs in India

Trishneet failed in class 8 exams and dropped out. His father enrolled him in distance education, but again he failed in class 12 exams.

At the age of 19, he founded the company named TAC security solutions in 2013. The company provides penetration testing services and vulnerability assessment. 

He also authored two books named “Hacking Talk with Trishneet Arora” and “Hacking with Smart Phones”.

He assists the CBI, Gujarat, and Punjab police departments as well as Reliance Industries with cybersecurity issues.

Most of the people given up after these types of failures but not Trishneet, he stayed follow his mantra in life.

“I believe in showing my plans in reality rather than speaking about them.”

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5) Sreelakshmi Suresh

Sreelakshmi Suresh - Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs in India

Sreelakshmi Suresh was using computers at age 3 when most of the kids don’t know about alphabets. 

She has designed her first website when she was just 6 years old. She had also designed the website of her school.

She started an eDesign company in 2009 when she was just 11 years old.

She has achieved several awards about the youngest CEO and youngest web designer in the world. 

She also owns another company named TinyLogo where she designs websites, proving SEO and other web services to many brands.

She achieved so much at this young age because she believes –

“No sentiments or friendships count in business, it is only the quality of work that matters.”

6) Advait Thakur

Advait Thakur - Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs in India

Advait founded a company name apex Infosys. When he was 6 years old, he started using a computer and when his father noticed that how he fascinated about computer then he decided to teach him the basics of computers.

He used books and the internet to fill his curiosity. He created his first website at the age of 9. And build the app named technology quiz to help kids to learn science and technology.

Today he is the CEO of Apex Infosys India. Which makes him the youngest entrepreneur in the country.

It was all made possible because of his mindset –

“I don’t have a fear of failure. Instead, I am afraid not to try!”

7) Rohit Kashyap

Rohit Kashyap - IntendStuff

Rohit was born in a small town in Bihar. Because of that, he did not have access to a lot of resources. 

Yet, he created the Maytree school of entrepreneurship. This school is virtual which uses the best faculty to plant seeds of innovation in young creative minds. 

8) Akhiledra Sahu

Akhiledra Sahu - IntendStuff

Akhiledra Sahu is the world’s youngest serial entrepreneur because when you look at his website you can see many companies by his name.

He started freelance work when he was 16. In the gap of 3 years, he has achieved phenomenal success, becoming CEO of not just ASTNT Technologies but also it has many subsidiaries like Technical Next, ASTNT Media, 2Newswire, StartUp199, InfinityFame, HeyIndia, and ThePublishly.

His companies clients are mostly from all over the world. That making him also one of the most successful CEOs in the world and it is all because he believes –

“Whether you think you’re ready or not, just start right now. There is magic in action.”

9) King Siddharth

King Siddharth - IntendStuff

Siddharth was an 11-year-old kid living in north India that had few activities to keep children and teens engaged.

Cause of boredom, he started to organize local content and he charges entry fees and gives small prizes to winners.

After that, he sold excess flowers from weddings as necklaces using smart advertising techniques.

Today he is a motivational speaker and organized createens to teach teenagers modern entrepreneurial, design, blogging, and other skills.

10) Arjun Rai

Arjun Rai - IntendStuff

Arjun Rai held his first garage sale at the age of 7. When he was 9, he had created a LinkedIn page to interact with the big entrepreneurs around the world.

He used his knowledge to become the COO of an online advertising agency at the age of 10. He left it to create his venture.

This becomes Odyssey Ads, though which he wanted to provide modern advertising server and solutions to other companies.

He was an intern in Pr agency in 2012. He decided to enter the tech space with a visual collaboration platform for designers and artists.

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Hope you inspired by these Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs in India. This will encourage every youngster to think out of the box and don’t let your age and insecurities as a limitation to fulfill your dreams.

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