Best Books For Product Management

If you want to become a product manager? But cannot find the best books? Here I have some of the best books for product management.

Everywhere and in Every field, management is important. Without management, your work gets stuck.

A product manager is a role that is responsible for the development of products for organizations, known as product management.

They have the business strategy behind a product, both digital and physical products. Also, analyze the market with competitive conditions.

They have a vision of the product and what will be in the product such as its features, functions, and motivation to manage these types of things.


Product managers give work to software engineers, data scientists, product designers, and other engineers to the business success of the product.

They analyze the customer what customers need is. if the product will come into the market then how customers react to that.

Now we came into product management, it is an organizational function where a company dealing with new product development, planning, business justification, verification, pricing, product launch, and marketing of the products.

If you don’t know how to get into product management then you should read the following books to get into it.

Best Books for Product Management

Product managers are leaders who perform market analysis, service improvement, and many more things.

So that leadership did not come from just reading books. You have to apply or implement these strategies to become a successful product manager.

Now let’s discuss the best product management books that get you the high paying product manager job.

Hooked How to Build Habit-Forming Product – Best Books For Product Management

  • Why are some products hit and widespread and some of the products are flop?
  • Have any reasons?
  • What makes the product more engaging that converts into the person’s habit?

Here in this book, Nil Eyal answers these questions by explaining the hook model. In the hook model, there are 4 key factors that you need to learn.

If you are trying to build the next big product, then you need user engagement. This book will take a journey of model building engagement by having constant return to your app.

The book is really easy to read. If you want something that gets to the difficulty of the problem and set out with practical examples, this book delivers all of this.

Swipe to Unlock – Best Books For Product Management

The book is written by Aditya Agashe, Parth Detroja, and Neel Mehta as promised and a primer on technology and business strategy. 

It is an important book that tries to present this world of business and technology in terms that can be understood by everyone who wants to know more.

The authors don’t just explain what of the technologies like Spotify recommendations, google search, Facebook news feed algorithms, they dive into depth about the reasons why they are good.

For example, when you type any word in the google search box, the search engine does not just collect the page links available, what are the best results.

This evolved from counting the number of links that target a page to establish its authenticity to the more sophisticated SEO algorithms to avoid websites that are link farms.

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In short, the book provides a big picture of the tech industry. While it can get swamp at times with the number of new terms thrown at us.

The result of sitting through them is a better insight into the working of this industry. Hope you like these best books for product management.

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INSPIRED: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love

If you ever read the first edition of Inspired then you must read this second edition book because the second is better than the first edition.

Most of the readers believe that this is the best book they ever read about how to be successful in product management and create a product that customers love.

It is impossible not to run into insights about the challenges you are having as a manager when reading it. 

You will learn in chapter 1 about the product manager’s essential roles such as engineering, designing, marketing, and product management. 

Our ideas are great but customers ultimately won’t use them. This is why you need customer validation. This will learn you in chapter 6.

And there are many more chapters where you will learn many things. If you are truly passionate about your product managing career then this book is for you.

Cracking the PM Interview – Land a Product Manager Job in Technology

Here PM doesn’t mean Prime Minister. PM means Product Manager. If you want to crack the product manager interview then this is the best book for you.

If you have not planned to interview and just to know how product managers are working and know about wealth information then this book will also help you.

Some of the people who have passion, they are selected in Microsoft, Google, and Facebook as a Product Manager.

If you want to be then these are the best product management books. Hope you like the best books for product management.

Product Management’s Sacred Seven – Skills Required to Crush Interviews

This book is written by Neel Mehta, Parth Detroja, and Aditya Agashe who already have written Swipe to Unlock.

If Swipe to Unlock is great then this book is even better. You can say this book as Product Management Bible because it includes all things which require.

Scared Seven is not an example or questions and answers book but rather a collection of all the concrete knowledge.

So that you can answers by yourself whichever questions they will ask. It reads more likely to popular nonfiction books to cracking the PM interview.

The book is really engaging is it has hundreds of interesting case studies and examples rather than just theoretical ones. 

Sacred seven covers everything from how to determine what your MVP should be, how to build an addictive user experience, how to select metrics and set up experiments, how to hack growth, and much more. 

Hope you like the best books for product management and become a product manager by cracking the interview.

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If you believe that you must have become product manager then you definitely read these 5 books. 

Hope you liked the best books for product management. If you have any questions about these books, then you can tell me in the comment section.

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