13 Best Mystery Books for Teens

Are you a teen? And interested in mystery and suspense books? But couldn’t found? Here I bring for you 20 Best Mystery Books for Teens.

Who doesn’t like suspense? Everyone loves entertainment that contains suspense and mystery, where characters solve their mystery.

Not all mystery books contain starring police officers, lawyers, and other adults. There are tons of books where you can enjoy it better than movies.

And if you are a teen then your energy level is high and you have a wish to explore everything in this world. That’s the reason why you love to read mystery books.

If you check on one of the largest in the world which is amazon, there you can find that mystery and suspense is the genre that sold more than other genres.


I am sure that you have to watch so many movies which contain this suspense and mystery. And those movies are great.

But the fact is that those movies are made from books. Yes, You read the right thing. Movies are made for giving you entertainment consistently for 2 hours.

So sometimes they compromise with the real story and add some spices to make it better entertaining. Yes, you again read the right fact.

If you have watched any mystery movie and then think of what you will get after reading the same story which I have already seen in the movie.

No, you are wrong. Above I told you why to read books. Now let’s discuss why you should read mystery books. 

One of the reasons behind reading this genre is because it will help not to give you only entertainment or fun, but it will make you intellectually strong by seeing solving mystery.

Here I have given you 20 Best Mystery Books for Teens. Hope you like it.

Best Mystery Books for Teens

I have given a short review of the books so that you can understand which books to read or not from your point of view.

If you want to know more about the books then you can visit the Amazon page so that you can understand them better by reading reviews.

Deadly Cross – Best Mystery Books for Teens

Every Christmas, James Patterson releases his books for this series. In this series, this is one of the best mystery books

Detective Alex Cross and FBI agent Mahoney find the impossible unanswered questions in this book. You will wonder how they find this answer in a very intellectual way.

If you want to read the review of this book then you can visit the Amazon site where you see the real people reviews and experience they got from this book.

The Searcher – Best Novel for Teens

This is another best thriller book by Tana French. The leading character of the book is a former Chicago Police Department Officer.

He retreats to the seeming peace of the Irish countryside to get away from a cop that gradually wore him out and cost him his wedding. 

However, the story takes a different turn when a local young person ropes him into finding their brother who went missing some time ago.

Tana French has written this expertly and constructed it with satisfying twists that do not disappoint you.

The Law of Innocence – Best Detective Books Ever

If you are a fan of a detective then this book is for you. The book has a great plot. It has turned and twists in the story to keep guessing every time.

It has likable characters, fascinating courtroom shenanigans, and also it is beautifully written. You should check this book out.

Daylight – Best Books in Crime Action Fiction

The author wrote another story full of unexpected twists and turns. Atlee Pine is a very complex character who is searching for her twin sister.

Her sister is kidnapped and she is in danger and takes the steps in several directions. Hope you like this one of the best thriller books.

Fortune and Glory – Best Mystery Books for Teens

There is real action, adventure, and mystery in this book. From chasing the hidden treasure with grandma, the team and the lulu are iconic as always.

She will need both to survive because this search for fortune and glory will roll into a hopeless race against time with furthermore on the line than ever before.

Even if she searches for the treasure and fights to defend her grandmother, her own deepest love will be tested. You should visit the below link for more info about this book.

The Sentinel – #2 in Mystery Action & Adventure Books

I read all the jack reacher novels and I liked them more than others. It was enjoyable actually to read Reacher into a more modern character. 

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You should click the button below for more information about the book. Hope you will like the book.

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The Thursday Murder Club – Best Mystery Books for Teens

In a peaceful village, four friends meet in the Jigsaw Room to talk about unsolved crimes every week.

When a local developer is found dead with a mysterious image left after the body. The Tuesday Murder Club suddenly find themselves in the center of their first case.

If you think you should know more about the book then click the button below for more information. Hope you like this wonderful book.

When We Believed in Mermaids – Best Books on Sisters

You will love this book if you have a sister because this book’s story is about sisters. Until one chooses to die and start a new life or a better life.

The author wrote an emotional tale of two sisters, a sea of the lie, and they search for the truth. Her sister was dead for 15 years when she watched her on television news.

Bianci was killed on a train during a terrorist attack 1 year ago. If you want to know more then visit amazon.

Squeeze Me – Best Mystery Novel of All Time

Carl Hiaasen’s novels combine absurdist plots, pacy, a wry take on popular and political culture, and underlying anger at the environmental harming done to Florida.

In this book, he takes sight of the rich of Palm Beach, and in particular the ‘Winter White House’ of the US president who is nameless, but the book is based on trump.

If you want to know more about this book then you can click the below button to visit this book on Amazon, where you can see the real person reviews.

All the Devils Are Here – Best Mystery Books All Time

The novel was written by #1 best selling author finds chief Inspector Armand of Quebec inquires into a sinister plot of the City of Light.

On their first night in Paris, the Armand gather as a family for dinner with his godfather, Stephen, who is a billionaire.

Walking home together after the meal, they see in horror as Stephen is get down and critically injured in what he knows is no accident, but intentional attempt on man’s life.

If you want to know more then click the button below where you go to amazon page where you can find real reviews by the person who bought this book.

The Glass Hotel – Best Mystery Novel of All Time

This book is written by canadian writer Emily Mandel. It is his fifth novel, it follows the disturbing graffiti incident at a hotel on Vancouver Island.

The lead character is Paul who is a lonely student at the University of Toronto. He gives some tablets to some people in a nightclub.

He is wishing to befriend and shortly after one of them dies. Vincent and Paul work at a hotel on Vancouver Island in the fictional Caiette.

If you want to read more then go to the amazon site so that you can understand more by reading actual positive na negative review both.

Battle Ground – Best Mystery and Science Fiction Books

This is one of the most broad novels Jim Butcher has written. I strongly recommend you to read or reread this novel.

The city’s electrical grid has been off. The Formorian are preparing for the attack. And everyone gathers to fight or battle with each other.

The supernatural, wizards, policemen, fire fighters, witches, EMTs, regular people etc. Yet, when they see Harry flare his energy as the Winter Knight, order to monsters of winter.

If you are interested in this book then visit the book amazon page you will know more about the book by reading reviews by customers.

Troubled Blood – #2 in Private Investigator Mysteries

A winding tale with flows and ebbs, puzzlement, danger, a black eye or two, guesses, and life and death, there are many confessions.

Strike and Robin continue their partnership as a client after another provides mystery after mystery. Wonderful storytelling that draws you in and makes you want to keep reading.

If you want to be interested in this book then you can visit amazon for more information.

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70% teenagers are addicted to social media, according to a survey. If you are a teenager then you must read books.

Because books are not made to be addictive like social media does. Books are woking with emotional intelligence, it gives us little excitement which is good.

It improves focus on particular thing and give you a knowledge about everything, whichever book you read.

Hope you like those all of book. Those all books are top-rated by customers. If you have any questions regarding books, let me know in the comment section.

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